Posted by: Crawford | February 5, 2009

My Auntie Debbie

There's no discipline with Auntie Debbie!!!

There's no discipline with Auntie Debbie!!!

Hellos again I am writing lots todays because Mommy is not on her computer for once Ha Ha Ha! And I wants to tell yous about last weekend whens my Auntie Debbie cames to visit!!! She’s the greatiest!!!! You know why she’s the greatiest?!!? That’s because even though my parents did nots get the hint about obeying me cause I’m a Vizsla, Auntie Debbie let’s me do whatevers I wants!!! Likes I can jumps on her and be a wilds child and she doesn’t turn away like mommy and daddy until I sit down, but she just loves loves loves me no matter how I’m behavings!!! Yeps she’s the greatiest. Every puppeh needs themselves an Auntie Debbie!!! Seriously. Mine just showed up, kinda like the movies from Netfliks called The Tooters (but I never see dogs who tooty like me, just human Kings and their lady friends), but you could go a-shoppings for your own Auntie!!!!!

Posted by: Crawford | February 5, 2009


I’m a gradumate!! Of puppeh kindergartens!!! So I googled gradumate ’cause I don’t know whats that word that means, but it did not help:

I asked Mom and Daddy what the picture means but they were laughings and saids, “That’s why we’re going to start another class!” Then I saids “Yays more schools! I wantsta play with my Loki!!” Then I went to my toy box and found my chewie YUMS.

Posted by: Crawford | January 30, 2009

Presents for my folks!

I got these presents for my peoples! I hope theys can takes the hints!!!!

Obey the Vizsla, Dad

Obey the Vizsla, Dad!

You too, Mom!

Haha Mum likes science! Ha!!

Posted by: Dennis | January 29, 2009

The turtle emerges from his shell

At a little over 5 ounces, Crawford arrived as the runt of Marley’s litter.  Over the next weeks with Audrey, he learned his place among his littermates and began to hold his own.  On our visits over (before we had learned which of the guys we’d be bringing home), we did notice that he would tire out quickly while the others were playing.  Still, we found it adorable- as he fell asleep in each of our arms on different occasions- and did not hesitate to bring him home before any of his littermates went off on their ways.

Once home, Crawford immediately bonded with Jenn and me.  He wasn’t exactly daring- he needed some coaxing to climb down a small set of stairs- but he seemed to learn what was safe for him.  As we began to venture out of the house on short walks, Crawford would greet passers-by with enthusiasm, trying to pounce on top of them if not for our attempts at restraint.  His encounters with other dogs were less frequent, as we purposefully tried to shield him while he was still getting through his immunizations.  An exception was his introduction to his cousin Wiley.  We thought it would be safe, as they didn’t just share Hungarian heritage (maybe they could argue about who could cook a better goulash), but even a maternal grandmother.  Anyway, that wasn’t the best experience and ended with Wiley really excited and Crawford trembling in fright, tail curled between his legs.

If all else fails, hot dog can usually get his attention.

If all else fails, hot dog can usually get his attention.

Jenn and I (well, particularly Jenn) had been reading tirelessly on training and working to implement these strategies at home.  We were proud that he had seemingly mastered ‘sit’ and ‘watch’, but we were excited to get him into a puppy class at the nearby Happy-Go-Lucky for ‘formal’ training.  Besides, it seemed a nice environment to get him some socialization, where he could gain comfort with other dogs- including, by coincidence, one of his substantially larger littermates Loki (aka TPFKAB, The Puppy Formerly Known As Bear).

At Crawford’s first class, we were delighted with his ability to maintain his attention on us, in spite of all of the distractions.  He followed our commands for ‘sit’ and ‘watch’, just as we had practiced in the family room.  But when the time came for puppy play in a controlled environment of a few pups at a time in a gated pen, we were surprised to see our little guy was completely unprepared to have other puppies try to engage him.  At his first chance, he managed to escape from the pen and flee from the others.  Spotting my familiar face in the crowd, he leaped towards me hoping for protection.  If it weren’t so cute, it might have been really embarrassing.  We really had no clue to expect that type of reaction.  A little shy, maybe, or even reserved (as his dad likes to describe himself), sure.  But the best description for his mindset then: terrified.

Yep, still bribing him.

Yep, still bribing him.

The second week Crawford was more comfortable, managing a few moments where his tail swung freely.  But the lead trainer still pulled us aside afterwards to suggest we consider an extra socialization period for Crawford.  It was the equivalent of a Kindergarten progress report with an ‘N’, needs improvement (supposedly avoiding the stigamtization of letter grades, but hardly confidence-building and unacceptable for one with Asian heritage).  Ironically, Loki received a similar recommendation, but for overconfidence.

We arranged for a visit with Audrey and the girls- mom Marley, aunt Hanna, and Crawford’s only sister Paloma.  I had some reservations about the worst case scenario- no longer even able to keep up with his sister.  Indeed when we first arrived and the three pounced on Crawford at once, he momentarily lost bladder control (sorry, Crawf, but this is a no holds barred tell-all).  But once he became re-acclimated to his original Tigard home, Crawford began to play amongst other dogs in a perfectly natural way.  He and Paloma would take turns piling on top of one another, using gentle bites and flailing legs.  His tail wagged side-to-side excitedly as they romped around together.  It was exactly what we hoped for.

Crawford’s countryman Kafka (technically an Austro-Hungarian) would call it a metamorphosis- well, without the bug or the horribly unsupportive family.  In the following weeks he’s clearly been much more confident amidst his classmates.  At first he engaged the less imposing Cosmo, a Westie that Crawford could stand over.  Later he felt okay to take a quick sniff of Cooper the Golden Retriever, at least when the bigger pup was being distracted.  This past week Crawford stood much taller and with greater confidence.  At the end of the session he could even mix it up with Loki, just like the old days.  We’re so proud of how far the little guy has come.  And next week… graduation!

Posted by: Jenn | January 25, 2009


I got a haircut a week ago. And, now that I’m recognizing myself in the mirror again, I thought it was time to share it with you all.

a little cutie?

A little cutie?

Yep, pretty sure it's cutie.

Yep, pretty sure it's cutie.

Although some mornings are a little less ideal...

Although some mornings are less ideal...

A huge thanks to Stephanie at Bliss Salon & Day Spa. I just wanted six inches lopped off, and she suggested bangs, too! Awesome.

Posted by: Crawford | January 21, 2009

oo toob for me!

Hi everybodys! I haves not been writings lately because I’ve been busy growing up! But I haves really good news! For you! I have a new “oo toob” channel! I don’t know why it’s called it that, but I do know that my parents put up all the super cute movies I make up theres. So you should watchs thems! Because I am supers cutes! Everybody says so. Seriously. Every day.

Find it at

This is one I like, because I looks handsomes! Enjoy!

Posted by: Jenn | January 12, 2009

While I was gone…

I’ll be traveling back to Portland today from Denver, where I’ve been for nearly a week. I’ve had a great time here, both professionally and with my family, but I’m exceedingly ready to be back home with Dennis and the Funkle. At my request, Dennis sent me these pictures over the weekend so I could see how much Crawford has grown, and I thought you all might enjoy them as well.

Must have been chilly on the tennis courts.

Must have been chilly on the tennis courts.

Streeeetching, even in sleep. He's gotten so long!

Streeeetching, even in sleep. He's gotten so long!

Posted by: Jenn | January 5, 2009

Not too flashy

This is the Fremont Bridge:

And this is what it’s like to be on the Fremont Bridge:

There is a convenient North Portland exit, AND it connects to highways that enervate many of our favorite parts of town. Even the puppeh likes looking out through his travel crate to watch the city go by as we fly across it. So basically our whole family loves it for the usefulness and distraction it provides. But even if we didn’t love it, we’d still have to cross it at least once or twice a day. [DC: usually at least three now to check on the guy during work and to let him relieve his bladder.]

So, of course, as Dennis and I were heading home from a lovely date night (Marly & Me then dinner at Thai Peacock), we didn’t think anything of hopping on the highway to cross the Fremont bridge. Erm, despite the gathering heavy snow. Despite a couple of slips and slides pulling away from the restaurant. Despite our completely bare non-snow tires. [yes, sans Spiders after our previously blogged about trip]

But before I continue let me assure you that my life did NOT flash in front of my eyes. Our drive COULD have ended very badly, but we got LUCKY. Okay now that’s done, breathe, sit, and read:

We’re teasing each other about crying during the movie (I was a stock faucet, Dennis a water fountain), and Dennis is driving at a safe and comfortable speed onto the Fremont. Then, we see that snow is completely covering our exit lane.

Then, we are spinning in a very large arc on a four lane highway. Spinning. Arc. Four lanes. Highway. Count the not good words! But, as we’ve covered, there was no life flashy business. Primarily due to the aforementioned luck, enumerated thusly:

  1. going slowly
  2. not hitting bridge rails
  3. not falling off into the river far below
  4. lack of other vehicles nearby

When we came to a halt (there was hand holding, but no screaming or other undignified expression of stress), we were facing oncoming traffic. Facing. Oncoming. Traffic. Four lanes. Highway. Let’s have a counting reprise. Okay! well done. [as a native southern Californian, admittedly not enthusiastic about winter driving]

We made it home safely (obviously), but our main concern was that if one or both of us had been injured, we’d need someone to check on Crawf. Hence my first ever New Year’s Resolution: meet more neighbors and enlist them as Funky’s emergency caregivers.

PS All the snow melted overnight so there’s safe driving today. How silly if we’d made it through the terrible storms only to be taken down by the most transient flurry yet?!

Posted by: Crawford | December 30, 2008

Walking is Fun Times

I’ve been doing a lot of the stuff Mom and Dad call Walking. It’s so great! ’cause I gets to meets peoples! Lots and lots of thems! And they all loves me!

But of course they do I am Vizsla and everyone loves Vizslas becauses theys are the besteses. My Daddy said so. He knows everythings.

During the Walkings I go with my parents and we all Walkings together. My mommy and my daddy decides where to go and I am so glads becauses I wouldn’t knows where to goes. So I ams glads that they decides.

Somestimes, though, I do decide that I wants somesthings! So I tries a little bit and forget that wes are Walkings. But then my parents remind me and I am so happys that I remember and we do the Walking more. And it’s great because I loves the Walkings and my parents loves it too so that makes me loves it mores.

My favorite part of the Walking is that time when we comes homes. I can smells the homes and I gets so excited! And I run up to homes but I cannot get to it because there is the Lead so I is biting the Lead but it doesn’t go away and Mommy tells me to drop it so I gets a treat and doesn’t bite the Lead but I stills want to gets homes so then I tries to run homes and it all happens again. Mommy said something about grundhug day, but I didn’t understand it. Will ask Daddy! He knows all things. He is my Daddy!

Bye bye. Now I’m going to have a chewie.

Posted by: Jenn | December 30, 2008

A great deal of frustration

the wide view

the wide view

and the close up...right through the dry wall

and the close up...right through the dry wall

I am not good at containing my emotions, but I’m trying my best. I won’t take my frustration out on him, because he’s just expressing his own frustration (and probably boredom). We took him for a great romp this morning after breakfast, and helped him calm down into (what I though was) a solid sleep. So I was shocked when I came back from the living room less than an hour later to find this.

I really am not the kind of person who does well at home alone, so I understand where Crawford’s coming from not liking it either. That said, he MUST be able to be alone some of the time. He did fantastically yesterday for nearly 3 hours, but this is a bloody disaster. If he could hold it together for an hour or two, we could bring him to work with us– where he’d get tons and tons of attention throughout the day.

Somehow I don’t think explaining this to him logically is going to work out. We’ll just have to take a step back in teaching him it’s okay to be left alone. Meanwhile, I’m running out of vacation time…

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