Posted by: Dennis | July 30, 2009

Father’s Day 2009

To get my resolution off on a bang, I’m going with a quick post that really just centers on super cute Crawford delivering my Father’s Day present. It was my first Father’s Day as a recipient, but Jenn and I did attend a memorable Dads & Grads Party together last year 🙂 kudos to Meg and Mladen!

Happy Daddy's Day!

I am taking my delivery responsibility very seriously, indeed.

I think his mommy might have helped with the design and execution, but he did a great job walking over to me card in tow. It reads, “Happy Father’s Day! From the one puppy that worships the ground you walk on… and tries (really hard) not to pee on it!” (And in the spirit of full disclosure, Jenn admits that she borrowed the thought, if not the exact words, from a card she had seen.)

Speaking of peeing, Crawford has really made a giant transformation in the past few weeks. Having been raised by his doggie-mother and aunt, while his dad Kirby was doing his thing in Colorado (more Father’s Day theme here), Crawford never really grasped the concept of peeing like a boy. Instead of aiming and getting up on three legs, he’d squat whenever the time came. In our home, his only male role model would use a two legged-style that I’m afraid Crawford could never quite grasp.

Whether it was enough trips to the dog park with careful observation or getting some hints from his brother Patriot on one of his stay-overs at Grandma Z’s, he’s now picked it up… and has he ever. He’s obsessed with marking trees and telephone poles, seemingly always holding some extra in his bladder lest he be caught unprepared with an opportunity for a spray. Worse yet, he’s taken aim at other dogs at least twice now, and even thought he’d try to get an owner once. We’re hoping the novelty will wear off soon, and it will be seen for what it is- a basic biological function.

Funny how this post about a holiday has devolved to pee. That’s little boys for you, I guess!



  1. hahaha adowable!

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