Posted by: Dennis | July 23, 2009

A resolution

As our last post was titled ‘The Big Oh-Point-Five’ and Crawford’s about to turn nine months, it’s pretty obvious we’ve been terribly delinquent in keeping up with the blog. One could imagine several explanations: (1) We’re lazy. True enough, but it’s not as if we suddenly became lazy in the past three months. Not a great explanation. (2) Nothing newsworthy to report. Quite the opposite in fact. (3) We’ve been too busy to prioritize blogging. Bingo! So, yeah, a ton of things have been happening recently, and, frankly, Jenn and I were more interested in spending time together than trying to be creative and entertaining on the web.

Honk-shu puppy

Honk-shu puppy

So I’m going for an ambitious task. I’m going to try to catch the audience up on major events from the past three months in a series of posts centered on Crawford and his family (which, I suppose is the theme of this blog as a whole). Sneak preview: Crawford’s emergency vet visit (and a side note, our engagement weekend), a vacation to Hawaii and LA (sans little guy, sadly), and Crawford’s routine adventures, including his most recent class, buddies at Irving Park, and first encounter with a member of the feline species.

A tough thing for our family has been that the Puppy Momma, aka Jenn, has moved to The City (that’s New York City) ahead of us, as the timing for starting her MD-PhD program was too hard to match up with my time to identify an appropriate position, interview, negotiate a good offer, and move my lab and settle things outside of work. We’re hoping to be reunited soon. Meanwhile, this gives us an opportunity to work on a bi-coastal blog. First, I’ll put together the rough drafts. Then Jenn will come in and edit [she’s used brackets in the past], and most importantly for the entertainment value, upload the accompanying pictures.

So think of this as my mid-year resolution (hopefully followed better than most people do with their New Year’s resolutions): more blogging.



  1. An e-vet visit for Crawford. Hope everything turned out ok. Good luck with the move. Looking forward to the updated pictures.

    ….. and dats a really cute nose you have Crawford.

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