Posted by: Crawford | February 8, 2009


Lookies!! I has new stuffs! Dad calls it bling-bling.

C is for Crawford! And for C-surname.

C is for Crawford! And for C-surname.

So I looked up “bling” and “dog” on Mum’s computer and this is whats I founds:



But I am nots knowing whats that is. Ohs wells!!! Lookit me! I is the mostest handsomes!!!!!



  1. Could have been just about anything on that shirt but did you notice there’s a “C” on it? And, not just on it, but at the beginning of the word?!

    I wonder how much money he’d get for that bling if he sent it to that place that pays cash for gold. HA, just kidding!

    Crawford is, of course, handsome as all get out!

  2. Looking Good!!!

  3. He’s handsome, but also silly with those long ears! I love it when his lip gets caught on his teeth after he yawns–lopsided smile!

    He’s also finally big enough for the collar we got him, which looks great with the name tag, too.

  4. Every vizsla needs bling-bling!

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