Posted by: Crawford | December 30, 2008

Walking is Fun Times

I’ve been doing a lot of the stuff Mom and Dad call Walking. It’s so great! ’cause I gets to meets peoples! Lots and lots of thems! And they all loves me!

But of course they do I am Vizsla and everyone loves Vizslas becauses theys are the besteses. My Daddy said so. He knows everythings.

During the Walkings I go with my parents and we all Walkings together. My mommy and my daddy decides where to go and I am so glads becauses I wouldn’t knows where to goes. So I ams glads that they decides.

Somestimes, though, I do decide that I wants somesthings! So I tries a little bit and forget that wes are Walkings. But then my parents remind me and I am so happys that I remember and we do the Walking more. And it’s great because I loves the Walkings and my parents loves it too so that makes me loves it mores.

My favorite part of the Walking is that time when we comes homes. I can smells the homes and I gets so excited! And I run up to homes but I cannot get to it because there is the Lead so I is biting the Lead but it doesn’t go away and Mommy tells me to drop it so I gets a treat and doesn’t bite the Lead but I stills want to gets homes so then I tries to run homes and it all happens again. Mommy said something about grundhug day, but I didn’t understand it. Will ask Daddy! He knows all things. He is my Daddy!

Bye bye. Now I’m going to have a chewie.


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