Posted by: Crawford | December 22, 2008

My new home…first impressions

My mommy said that I can use her computer to write on this puppy blog, but that I have to try and use my big-boy speak. Daddy said that Mom doesn’t like it when people use bad grammar. I wish I knew what grammar was. Maybe I’ll ask her to checks my spellings, is that the same thing?

So I’m going to tell you what I think of my new house! And I’ll try to use big-boy speak ’cause I loooove my mommy!

1. My daddy’s face tastes so good. All salty!

2. There are lots of warm places for me to sleep. But I like the couch the very best. I wish Mom and Dad would let me up whenever I want. They’re sos stricts!

3. My parents like to cuddle almost as much I like to.

4. There’s this toy. So fun! Mommy calls it a mallard. Daddy calls it a ducky. I’m so confused, but I know it’s so so much fun to wrestle with. I will take you down mallard/ducky!

5. I’m fed really well, just like at Audrey’s house. It tastes the same, so my mom must be as good a cook as Audrey. Good thing, huh?!

6. I also get lots of small super super super yummy bits! Whenever I’m being quiet I get seem to get them. Also when I sit down and go into my crate. It’s great because these are some of my favorite things to do. And I get super super super yummies for doing them!

7. I loooove to sleeps. Except at night, it gets all dark and Mommy and Daddy don’t cuddles withs me like my vizsla brothers and sister did. So I cries and cries and cries. Why don’t they understand that crying means Come Pick Me Up And Cuddles? So I try to sleep, but then I wake up again and cry some more. I hope they learn soon to Cuddles Me At Night.

8. My mommy or my daddy takes me outside into the cold snow very often, and then we go back inside as soon as I peepees. They get so excited when I peepees in the snow. They are so silly and weerd! Don’t they know it’s just what a good puppy does?

Okay byes byes now. I’m going to go sleeps until dinners times!


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